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Our extensive range of repair services includes;

  • Total auto body repair and paint services
  • Minor or major collision repairs
  • Body frame straightening
  • Custom auto body work
  • Aluminum repair
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Total automotive restoration
  • Body kit paint and installation
  • And so much more!


Car accidents are stressful to handle, and the hassle of repairing the damage could take months without stellar service. We can efficiently tackle any damage and keep you informed along the way so you feel confident that your repairs are in good hands.

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From small dings to huge ones, we will repair your vehicle’s dents so that it leaves no evidence of ever being damaged. Our process is quick and efficient, leaving you with a smooth surface and a clean slate.

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The parking lot is a treacherous place, especially with those malicious shopping carts rolling about of their own free will. If your car door displays battle wounds from an interaction such as this, we can restore the paint to factory quality.

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Thinking of getting a custom paint job? Is the factory paint on your car fading and in need of a new coat? We only use the highest quality paints and will work with you to find and match the perfect color for your vehicle.

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After getting into an accident, your car’s frame might be bent out of alignment which can greatly affect your vehicle’s drivability. The level of detailed repair work carried out by our professionals is unmatched and they will get your car back on the road with the exact factory specifications.